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We have provided a top-tier university with the necessary information to increase its enrollment by 35% across 12 key campuses.

If you are seeking to make informed decisions, stay competitive, and adapt to a constantly changing business environment, this is for you.

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Understand and thrive in your target market.

The power to systematize millions of data generated every day allows for better decision-making.

Did you know...

43% of consumers still prefer to make purchases in physical stores.

57% of Mexicans plan to buy from sellers who offer more value.

73% of consumers consider the shopping experience as an important factor in their purchase decisions, behind price and product quality.

UNLOCK your market insights

Gain the power of information and say goodbye to expensive consulting services. With DESCIFRA, discover new market opportunities efficiently.

"The jewel in the crown is DESCIFRA's predictive model because we can find potential students that fit our profiles and academic programs."

- Education Client -

We help you answer key questions that

add value to your company

What is the socio-demographic profile of those who visit my store?

Are there any other potential markets comparable to mine?

Where do my existing customers live and work?

Where do I execute my marketing strategies?

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