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Welcome, this is the privacy policy of DESCIFRA.

All the information that the site collects, stores and/or makes visible, at all times will be related to the provision of the service and quality of the materials that the site provides to the user. We inform you that we implement security measures to ensure the confidentiality of the personal data of our users and customers. At this time MICRO MERCADOS GEOLOCALIZADOS S.A.P.I. DE CV. is the controller of the processing of personal data collected by virtue of this notice and will be considered responsible, at this time it indicates as its address the one located at Av. Insurgentes Sur Núm. 1806, Colonia Florida,Alvaro Obregón, CP 01030, Mexico City.

For any notice or matter related to this privacy notice, you must write us at: 

1. Data collected.

The data collected is shared and placed by the user on the site, the data collected will be treated under the full responsibility ofDESCIFRA, in accordance with the terms established here.

The personal data that could be collected directly from the owner is:

a) Name.

b) Company name or commercial name.

c) Email.

d)Telephone number.

2. Sensitive personal data.

Descifra will not collect sensitive data from the user through its website, if data is needed to provide its services it will be requested directly to the user.

3. Purpose.

The personal data that the user enters to the site may be used as a means of communication, for marketing, advertising or commercial prospecting purposes, the data is attributable to the owner and allows us to bring the services closer and explain the basic and/or additional functionalities, the requested data will always cause a personalized service experience and an encounter with Descifra's products.

The entry of the data by the user will be for strict interaction with Descifra.

All the data that is entered to the site will be eliminated of the database if the user requests it.

The user confirms that the information entered is true, accurate, and complete, and gives express consent for its treatment in accordance with the services that will be provided will be the full responsibility of the user who enters them, even so, the data will be deleted at some point. The user, while accepting the terms and conditions, this privacy policy and any type of contract with the provider, generates a legal relationship, the shared data will always be strictly necessary for the main purpose of providing information technology services. In the event that the data does not give rise to a legal relationship and does not meet those purposes, the user will have 5 (five) days to express their refusal to process their personal data by email.

DESCIFRA for the provision of its services is committed to assure that the information it manages, treats or acquires has gone through a means of dissociation, which means that the information used is not used to identify a specific person, but to identify groups, tastes, mobility, among others, all for statistical and geographic purposes.

4. We will share information.

The data that we collect can be transferred to our partners, allies and third parties with whom we work or subcontract, the data may be hosted on the servers of our suppliers, who at the same time have data security processes, the above always for the provision of services.

By accepting this policy, you are also expressly consenting to transfer your data to these third parties related to us.

Descifra guarantees the confidentiality and treatment of information, who works strictly and under optimal security levels of international technology platforms.

You as a user can express your refusal for such transfers to be made.

5. Consent.

With this privacy policy, the user grants express consent to store, transfer, communicate and make use of all the data entered on the web portal, the user is responsible for the information entered on the site.

6. Cookies.

Our website may use cookies to help obtain information that allows the site to improve your user experience and provide a better service.

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