Privacy Policy

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This is the privacy policy of DESCIFRA and its website

All the information that the site collects, at all times, will be related to the provision of the service and for an improvement in the quality of the materials that the site provides to the user.

Data collected.

The data collected is expressly shared by the user through the site the data that the site requests will be needed for the provision of the digital service and the data collected will be treated under the full responsibility of DESCIFRA, in accordance with the terms established here.

The data that could be collected, may NOT be PERSONAL DATA, in any case may be requested trade name or trade name with the data entry in general as users of the site, will be name, sub-name, email for user-provider interaction.

The data that may be entered into the site will be the following: and free message. under exclusive treatment with internal security policies, if at any time the user entered personal data will be your full responsibility.

The user confirms that the information that he/ she enters is accurate and complete, and gives the express consent for its treatment according to the services that will be provided.

Personal data collected from customers allow us to provide additional services and functionalities that improve the experience with the products offered by DESCIFRA

The personal data that the user enters may be used as a means of usual communication and even marketing, with the user.

DESCIFRA does not access any of the following personal data: device location data, IP addresses, photos, age or voice data.


Similarly, under these policies, the user grants consent for the use of their name or access, company name, brand or commercial notice that is entered in the web portal, these data must be the most complete and certain, since the user responsible for itself of the information that enters in the site to provide the service.

Our website can use cookies to help obtain information that allows the site to improve your user experience and provide a better service.

With the express consent, when using the website and enter the data requested therein or interact with the platform and its materials, you authorize the following:

1. The use of cookies and information technologies.

2. Use, exchange, processing and data processing.

3. Publish, manage and convert your information for the service. 

We reserve the right to make modifications or updates to this privacy notice at any time, for the attention of new legislation, internal policies or new requirements for the provision or offering of our services or products. These modifications will be available to the public through the website.

Identity of the person in charge. 

At this moment it is MICRO MERCADOS GEOLOCALIZADOS S.A.P.I. DE C.V., a Mexican company duly incorporated and called Descifra global® Mexico is the data controller for the processing of personal data under this Policy.

For any notice or matter related to this policy in the United States, the  address is as follows: 222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1212, Chicago, IL 60654.


Other countries., may be available in other countries and therefore the information that is shared on the website maybe transferred to other companies, subsidiaries or subsidiaries.

We use them for.

The data entered by the user we use as data of service users, only the results of the service, once fully paid, become the property of the user.

To access and use the service, guarantee its functionality and to communicate with the purposes of the GOBAL DESCIFRA service.

We will share information.

The data that we collect, we will share with our partners, allies and third parties that we subcontract for the provision of our services, we will also share your data in those cases in which we negotiate to sell our business to a potential buyer.

At all times, DESCIFRA guarantees confidentiality and the treatment of information in a strict manner and under optimal security levels.


Data deletion.

We maintain your personal data whenever necessary to offer you the Service for and for legitimate and essential business purposes, such as maintaining the performance of the web platform and the services provided.



We are committed from the beginning of the company to protect the personal data of our users. We implement measures and techniques in information security management systems in accordance with appropriate internal and organizational policies to help protect the security of your personal data; however, keep in mind that no system is completely safe.


Changes to this Privacy Policy.

Occasionally we may make changes to thisPolicy.

We are committed to improving the user experience and therefore when we make important changes to this Policy, we will provide you with a well-known notice about the circumstances, and you can view it at any time on the site

Thank you for reading our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact the person responsible for data protection by mail: