Do you need to open new points of sale?

We helped a gym chain open
+90 STUDIOS in record time and at a lower cost.

If you are looking for more certainty to reduce risks and costs when opening new points of sale and revolutionize the expansion process in your company, this is for you.
Your market is much bigger than you imagine.Let us help you discover it.

Make better decisions with Market Intelligence.

Being able to systematize millions of data that are generated every day allows for better DECISION-MAKING.


87% of consumers say they typically travel no more than 15 minutes to make everyday purchases.

Not all "jewel" locations that real estate agencies sell you are for you.

Cannibalization is not always a bad thing, and it is an excellent strategy to prevent your competitors from entering.

Not having all the information about the territories you need to open new points of sale can be overwhelming. Whether you are looking to expand in the USA or conquer territories in Latin America, it is more than possible with DESCIFRA's Market Intelligence.


Take the power in your hands and say goodbye to the high costs of processing your information on your own or "specialized" consultancies.

With DESCIFRA, we assure you that you will be able to expand your business safely, efficiently and significantly increase productivity and a great return on your investment.

"It is precious information for us; it is practical and updated daily. It helps us to make decisions, for example: where to give priority to start opening and where sales will continue to be affected."

.- Retail Customer -

We help you answer key questions

that ADDS value to your business.

Where to open my
following branches?

Where is my

Where can I be

What is the influx of potential customers in each branch?

Why is the performance of one point higher/lower than another?

What is the area of influence in each of my POS?

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