Do you need to increase the number of students per school?

We have provided a University with the necessary information to increase their enrollment by 35% in 12 key campuses.

If you are looking to increase student enrollment and validate the concentration of potential students to help you make better decisions and invest in high-impact strategies, this is for you.
Your market is much bigger than you think. We accompany you to discover it.

Increase your enrollment with Market Intelligence.

Being able to systematize millions of data that are generated every day allows for better DECISION-MAKING.

Did you know THAT...

60% of High school students research colleges before their junior year.

In 2021 graduate enrollment increased by 4.3% compared to spring 2020, but undergraduate enrollment was down 4.5%.

Due to the pandemia, 32% of students choose an institution located within 50 miles of home.


Have the power in your hands and say goodbye to the high costs of processing your information on your own or "specialized" consultancies.

With DESCIFRA, we ensure that you will be able to prospect prospective students safely and efficiently to increase the enrollment of your educational centers.

"The jewel in the crown is DESCIFRA's predictive model because we can find potential students that fit our profiles and academic programs."

- Education Client -

We help you answer key questions that add value to your business

How do I adapt my curricula according to student demand?

Where are the areas with the highest concentration of potential students?

What are the most influential areas per institution?

What are the best areas to activate marketing campaigns?

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