Do you need to achieve differentiated product catalogs for each branch?

We helped a meat and animal protein retail chain determine the product mix according to the target of each branch and what percentage of each product should be offered at each site.

If you want to revolutionize your department area and be able to segment the offer for each location, guaranteeing that the catalog of each site is the most profitable, this is for you.
Generate the suited catalog for each branch.We accompany you.

Know in detail whom you are targeting with Market Intelligence.

Systematizing millions of daily data allows for better decision-making that will enable you to customize a product mix according to the area and the people who consume it.

did you know that...

68% of customers leave a store without completing their purchase because the product was not available on the shelf.

In 2021, twice as many stores opened as the ones that were closed.

43% of customers see little chance of finding products in physical stores vs online.

Planning a catalog based on a uniform target for all branches and not based on market reality can result in customers dissatisfied with the offer.


By knowing the market and the environment, we assure you that you will be able to generate micro-targets adjusted to each market's different interests in less time and with a better return on investment.

Homecare, hygiene, and cleaning products company

How do we identify the best areas to boost sales and improve commercial management?

Mapped and categorized their points of sale.
Discovered new areas with high sales potential
Evaluated sales opportunities by product type
Identified future customers by socio-demographic profile
Validated their brand presence in stores and drugstores
Executed successful activations and commercial dynamics
Increased sales by 30% with strategic execution
Increased product coverage by 64%.

We help you answer key questions that Add value to your business.

Who is my target profile?

Who travels through the area?

What is the mobility of the area?

Where to launch targeted campaigns?

Where to launch targeted campaigns?

What is the area of influence
according to travel times?

Why is the performance of one
point higher/lower than another?

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